Srutti Suresan

Instrument/Style: Vocal and Lapsteel guitar

Member of Tarang since: September 2015

Gurus: Sumathy Suresan (vocal), Yarl T Seelan (Lapsteel guitar)


Musical Background

What is the biggest influence on your music? My mum is the biggest influence on my music. Being a music lover and a vocal teacher herself, I am always surrounded by music at home, whether it be through listening to her sing whilst cooking, taking her classes or to CD’s. Though she is a carnatic musician, she has always encouraged me to appreciate other musical styles and has enriched my musical experience and knowledge by allowing me try out new things.

How did your Milap journey start? At the Tarang auditions in March 2015.

What is your proudest musical achievement to date? I try to bring my performances to life by conveying a particular emotion for each composition, especially for ragams, so that the audience can connect to the whole experience. One of my proudest moments would be after concerts when the I get positive responses from the audience who have been able to connect to the feelings and have been moved by my music.

I became a musician because… music is the only thing that motivates and drives me forward in life.



Who are your favourite artists? Ranjani Gayathri, Vishwa Mohan bhatt, Arethra Franklin, Rihanna and Sid Sriram to name a few!

If I could make my artistic dream come true I would… I would love to do at least one of the following: present a fully fledged carnatic vocal repertoire at the Royal Albert Hall in front of music enthusiasts, to share the stage with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt on the Lapsteel Guitar and finally to be a member of AR Rahman and/or Ilayaraja sirs’ orchestra during recordings and their live concerts.

When you’re not playing music, what are your favourite things to do? Sleep, listen to music and watch comedy movies.

If I wasn’t a musician, I would be… a doctor as I’m studying medicine at the moment.

What is you favourite musical memory? I will never forget the day when I heard words of pure joy and pride from my guru, who was battling against cancer, the day before I was going to make his musical dream come true; presenting the lapsteel guitar into the world of Carnatic music for the first time.



Sum up Tarang in 3 words: Innovative, energetic, non-traditional

The thing I like most about being a Tarang member is… Being part of an enthusiastic, inspiring and friendly group of musicians.

The thing I am most excited about as a Tarang member is… for the world to listen to our refreshing and quirky album!