Sanjuran Keerthikumar

Instrument/Style: Mridangam, Ghadam, Kanjira, Cajon and other various hand percussion

Member of Tarang since: 2015

Guru: Shri Kandiah Anandanadesan


Musical Background

What is the biggest influence on your music? The wide variety of music my parents have listened to at home and in the car since I was very young. The artists include Bob Marley, Bombay Jayashree, and almost everything in between.

How did your Milap journey start? I was suggested by a friend to apply for SAMYO (South Asian Music Youth Orchestra) in 2013 and I ended up having my audition on skype.

What is your proudest musical achievement to date? Being awarded Musician of the Year 2015 for SAMYO, and presented the award by the deputy director of the National Arts Council, at the inaugural Indian Arts Awards.

I became a musician because… Music, as a creative art, is a representation of the soul. For me, there is no better way to communicate my ideas and thoughts than through the composition and performance of music.


Who are your favourite artists? AR Rahman, Kendrick Lamar, Umayapuram K Sivaraman and Hans Zimmer

If I could make my artistic dream come true I would… headline an internationally recognised festival, such as Glastonbury, with TARANG.

When you’re not playing music, what are your favourite things to do? listening to and composing music, watching and playing football and, watching my favourite tv shows (Suits, Power and Rick and Morty)

If I wasn’t a musician, I would be… incredibly boring

What is you favourite musical memory? completing my Arangetram (carnatic concert debut) at the age of 14 alongside my two older sisters.



Sum up Tarang in 3 words: Family, Ambitious, Exclusive

The thing I like most about being a Tarang member is… being able to make and perform music with many budding superstars, collectively aiming to achieve things previously unseen in this industry.

The thing I am most excited about as a Tarang member is… the recent release of our debut album, Undone, and the subsequent concerts that follow.