Akash Parekh

Instrument/Style: Sitar

Member of Tarang since: 2k15

Gurus: Ust. Dharambir Singh (MBE), Smt. Roopa Panesar


Musical Background

What is the biggest influence on your music? Roopa Panesar

How did your Milap journey start? My guru Bhai Jasdeep degun had been asking me for a few years to join, and when he had told me they were leaving, he felt it would be a perfect time for me to join as most of the Tarang team would be new members.

What is your proudest musical achievement to date? In 2012 when i had the opportunity to play front of Sri sathya said baba with my guru Roopa Panesar.

I became a musician because… I don’t feel as I am or ever will become a ‘musician’, but i feel that music is a huge part of my daily life and it means so much more than an occupation.



Who are your favourite artists? Zayn Malik!! Roopa Panesar, Dharambir Singh, Usd. Vilyat Khan, Pt. Nikhil Banerjee, Black Eyed Peas, Sia, Adele

If I could make my artistic dream come true I would… perform with Zayn Malik!!!!!!!! OMG

When you’re not playing music, what are your favourite things to do? Cook. I love it! I also love to paint.  Sleep is also good!

If I wasn’t a musician, I would be… I’m not sure. If I didn’t pick up music, I’m not sure where I’d be.

What is you favourite musical memory? So far, it was when I had the chance to take guidance from Usd. Irshad khan. I was very lucky that I was able to become quite close with him and see him almost like a friend.



Sum up Tarang in 3 words: crazy, banter, next generation

The thing I like most about being a Tarang member is… being able to work with some of the finest musicians in the country, being very good friends with them and to be all of similar age

The thing I am most excited about as a Tarang member is… touring!! performing and creating new music.