Membership Benefits

Develop your talent…
Perform in unique productions

Tarang membership offers its members opportunities not available anywhere else! The ensemble was created in 2004 following the successful creation of SAMYO, to support talented musicians exploring a career in Indian music, to help with advanced musical skills, professional development and performances.

Tarang musicians get to perform in some of the best professional venues of the country, and learn from an oustanding, star-studded team of composers, tutors and conductors. Read about them in The Ensemble section.

Designed to complement the training you receive from your school, guru or teacher, Tarang gives you some amazing new skills and experiences, including:

  • Ensemble playing
  • Blending North and South Indian music
  • Improvisation
  • Composition training
  • Advanced performance skills
  • Confidence
  • Accompaniment training
  • Leadership


  • Regular Training sessions
  • Reunions, for rehearsal, training and special interactive sessions
  • Attendance of the Tarang Summer Retreat at MUSIC INDIA
  • Opportunity to apply for Milapfest Fellowship Awards
  • Concert Opportunities in major venues

It costs Milapfest over £1200 per year per member, for the benefits and opportunities we give you, but Tarang members only have to pay a vastly subsidised fee of £500 for annual membership. This covers the training, and all aspects of training, accomodation & meals at the MUSIC INDIA Summer School. Selected Tarang Members are also paid expenses and fees for performances.

Find out How to Join Tarang in our Application Guidelines.