Brahalathan Balakrishnan

Age: 20

Main Instrument / Style: Miruthangam

Additional Styles: Ganjira

Guru(s): Sri Nathamani Muthu Sivarajah / Sri Neyveli B Venkatesh

Why did you start playing Indian Classical music?
Childhood inspiration from an older sibling who was learning Carnatic music

Can you remember your first performance?
At London Murugan Temple when I was 6 years old

Why is your instrument / style special?
I’ve learnt two different styles of playing the miruthangam featuring the ‘kuchi’ & ‘kapi’ miruthangam to portray each unique style to the audience

What would be your one wish for Indian Classical music in the future?
Playing at the Royal Albert Hall with Tarang

What’s your most favourite thing about playing in Tarang?
Performing together as a group, developing team skills

Who would you choose for your “dream collaboration” on stage?
Karaikudi Mani / Zakir Hussain

Your favourite Tarang composition:
A piece set to Ragam Desh, by Sri Shashank Subramaniam.

Most memorable Tarang moment or concert:
Performing at The Southbank Centre, London, in 2011