Yarlinie Thanabalasingham

Main Instrument / Style: Carnatic Vocal

Additional Styles: Carnatic Veena

Guru(s): Sangeetha Vidwan Smt. Malini Thanabalasingam and  Sangeetha Vidwan Shri. S.P.Ramh

Why did you start playing Indian Classical music? Initially it was expected of me, as my mother is a Carnatic musician/teacher, but now I am absolutely passionate about learning music for myself because it continues to inspire me everyday.

Can you remember your first performance? My first performance was at the age of seven for a programme called Avarthanas organised by Shri.P.Kirupakaran.

Why is your instrument / style special? Carnatic music has fundamental aspects to it that can captivate anyone that is listening. It has a real depth and feel to it, capturing a variety of moods within the compositions. I truly believe that having a basic knowledge in vocal can help an individual handle other instruments at ease.

What would be your one wish for Indian Classical music in the future? For it to become more popular amongst a wider audience as other styles of music have become for e.g. Western Music.

What’s your most favourite thing about playing in Tarang? The team work – the effort that is put into, not only make the whole orchestra sound good together but, make each individual artist know and be comfortable within each composition.

And your least favourite? Singing at Pitch D (having to keep changing octaves within a composition)

Who would you choose for your “dream collaboration” on stage? Bombay Jayashri

Your favourite Tarang composition: ‘Kosalam’ by G.J.R.Krishnan

Most memorable Tarang moment or concert: First ever concert at Music India 2012, Capstone Theatre.