Rishii Chowdhury

Rishii brings a fresh, energetic and exciting approach to playing tabla. As a ‘rising star’ in the World of Indian Classical music, Rishii brings a magical quality when he appears on stage and audiences and drawn to him. Being born in the UK, Rishii has had a unique musical upbringing. His roots are in Assam, where his mother was an All India Radio Artist. From a very young age, Rishii has been performing on stage with his family, immersing himself into Assamese folk and devotional music. This ranged from singing and playing maracas to eventually playing tabla and other Assamese percussion instruments. It is no surprise that he has been described as ‘Assam’s overseas youth icon.’

Rishii has a commitment to developing the next generation of tabla players. He is already gaining a reputation as an individual with “empowering qualities” which is why the student body of his ‘YO-Tabla!” classes are growing. Rishii is an ambassador for Indian music and having completed a leadership programme with Performing Arts Leicester (PAL), Rishii is definitely making a mark in the industry, not only as an exciting artist but also as a music entrepreneur.

It is Rishii’s dedication to the art of tabla that has led him to learn from the world’s greatest tabla maestro’s Ustad Zakir Hussain and Pandit Anindo Chatterjee. In the UK, Rishii is mentored by sitar maestro Ustad Dharambir Singh MBE.

As well as being deeply rooted in the classical tradition, Rishii has been involved in many stimulating world music projects working with Drum n bass, jazz, electronic, reggae and dubstep genres.