Raaheel Husain

Raaheel Husain began his musical journey with the guitar, but soon made the switch to Indian music, and specially the Sitar when he noticed it one day on TV.  He has since trained with several prominent Sitar teachers and Guru’s including Vijay Jagtap, Sanjay Guha and Ustad Shujaat Khan.   Over the course of his training Raaheel also learnt how to sing in the Hindustani style of music, play the harmonium and the violin too.

Raaheel shares his thoughts on his music, Tarang, and future aspirations:

Why is your instrument / style special?
The sitar is a magical sounding versatile instrument that people have fallen in love with, be it in Bollywood, fusion, dance accompaniment, devotional music or traditional Hindustani Classical music.

What would be your one wish for Indian Classical music in the future?
My one wish for Indian Classical music would be that the Indian community take more of an active interest  and appreciation in it, and help promote an interest within the youth.

Can you remember your first performance?
Yes, it was with my sitar class at the Bhavan Centre and I was 10 years old

What’s your most favourite thing about playing in Tarang?
Getting to know some amazing musicians (other tarang members as well as visiting tutors)

And your least favourite?
Travelling to far away venues with instruments!

Who would you choose for your “dream collaboration” on stage?
A jugalbandi with Ustaad Shujaat Khan!

Your favourite Tarang composition?
 ‘Homage’ by Ranajit Sen Gupta

Most memorable Tarang moment or concert?
Too many, as I’ve celebrated most of my birthdays at the Music India summer retreats!