Madhu Tanjorkar

Madhu Tanjorkar is a UK based violinist and vocalist, originally from Mumbai, India. Born with talent in both music and dance, Madhu was introduced to music by her father, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Guru Shekhar Tanjorkar, from whom she inherited her devotion to music.

Receiving a very traditional upbringing in a South Indian family, Madhu learnt Carnatic Music, and achieved her doctorate in Medicine, but always felt drawn to the world of music. Creating the rare opportunity of simultaneously learning the Hindustani style of music alongside her Carnatic training, Madhu taught herself the Gayaki style of Hindustani Music, and became mesmerised by the Gamakas (ornamentation of the Raga with complementary notes and oscillations) in Carnatic Music.

As an open minded musician, humility and spirituality are her biggest assets and these  characteristics give her the drive to learn and grow her practice with musicians of various genres.

She has been a member of Tarang since 2011 whith whom she has performed around the UK in many high profile venues. As a solo artist, Madhu performs both the Hindistani and Carnatic styles extensively across UK, India and Europe. Her performances have been credited for her dynamic stage presence and humility.

Madhu teaches music classes across Northwest England with the aim of  spreading Indian music across the world.

With the blessings of her great grand father Late Guru Janardhan Tanjorkar (exponent violin & veena vidhwaan), grandfather Late Guru Kubernath Tanjorkar (a renowned Bharatanatyam guru) and her father, Madhu is continuing the lineage of many generations of artists.