Dhivya Kumaramurthy

Dhivya Kumaramurthy began to learn the Carnatic Violin at the tender age of 10. It was her late maternal grandmother, who was also a Carnatic Violin Teacher, back in Sri Lanka, whom influenced Dhivya to learn the Carnatic Violin. Dhivya’s initial training in the violin began with Smt. Kalaivani Indrakumar and she had her Arangetram Debut in October 2006, accompanied with her sister, on the Thabla. Since then she continued her further training from Nandini Muthuswamy.

At present she is learning the violin under the guidance of Dr. Jyotsna Srikanth. Dhivya has also learnt Western Violin, Western Singing and Carnatic Vocal. She has also given concerts in various venues and teaches the violin to the younger generation.