Conductors & Tutors

Conductor: Gaurav Mazumdar

A widely travelled and vastly experienced performer, Gaurav is an expert of Hindustani music, as well as being well-versed in western and world music collaborations.  Having  originally mastered the violin, Gaurav went on to further his musical ability with the sitar, and was discovered and tutored by  the legendary Pandit Ravi Shankar .

Now a teacher and composer of international repute,  Gaurav’s versatility is reflected through numerous collaborations with western musicians such as Daniel Hope, Philip Glass and Kenny Werner. He has composed Music for Ballet and a score entitled ‘Akanksha’ for his concert at the Vatican to celebrate the new Millennium; being the first Indian Musician to perform there.

Percussion Tutor: Kousic Sen

A versatile and popular percussionist, Kousic Sen was trained by a widely respected Prof. Biswanath Bose, and later by Tabla Master Pt Kumar Bose. He has performed with a variety of Artistes of Classical Music and Dance, as well as with ensembles performing a range different world music genres. Born into a musical family, his music experience began at a very young age,, and since has quickly established himself as a leading tabla player of the world.

Percussion Tutor: Bangalore R Prathap

Prathap is a versatile artist from Bangalore and specialises in Ghatam & Mridangam. With a performance career that started in his childhood, Prathap has since regularly performed on radio, television and in numerous live performances, and has accompanied many leading artists like Kadri Gopalnath, Mandolin Srinivas and Balamurali Krishna. Prathap also plays in many fusion groups and has worked on composing for contemporary music and dance groups all over Europe. He is also well-known for conducting  interactive drumming workshops and residencies for people of all backgrounds and ages.