The Samyo Sound

Samyo Compositions

Over the last 12 years , SAMYO has had many of its compositions specially written for it by some of India’s leading musicians, including Bombay Jayashri, Pt Ranajit Sengupta, Anil Srinivasan, Gaurav Mazumdar, Shashank Subramaniam and Jayanthi Kumaresh. Collaboration and experimentation have become cornerstones of the Samyo way. By fusing North and South Indian musical traditions, the orchestra laid the path towards future work with other genres of music. This road led Samyo to form connections and partnerships with other youth orchestras, including The National Youth Jazz Collective and The National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain, with whom they have collaborated and performed with at several successful showcase events.

What makes our music different

The musical creations of Samyo are unique as they combine classical and modern, north and south Indian music, and the classical moods of modern day Britain and the Indian-subcontinent.

Samyo’s musical repertoire is constantly evolving, and no tour is the same. From its début season in 2002, the tour and performances have presented new experiences in traditional and contemporary Indian classical music for its audiences.

In contrast to the largely improvised and solo tradition of Indian classical music, Samyo commissions brand new music by expert composers, from Britain and overseas. The contemporary sound of modern multi-cultural Britain is distinctly heard through the music that Samyo plays.

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