Raam Jeganathan

Orchestra Leader

Guru: Venkataramani Chandrashekhar

Favourite Artist: Jayanthi Kumaresh

Favourite Song: Saraswathi Vandana

Favourite Raga: Kharaharapriya

Learning for: 11 years

Joined: 2012

Samyo has helped my development massively (a lot more than massively actually!). It’s helped my realise dreams I thought were impossible a few years ago. Meeting the current leading musicians of the Hindustani and Carnatic disciplines throughout the year at reunions and at Music India is a magical opportunity which I always treasure, and it still makes me pinch myself despite having joined over 2 years ago! It has driven me to reach my professional ambition and the skills I have learnt through collaborating with fellow musicians has made my playing progress significantly. I have improved a lot, not only as a musician, but as a person through the role of Orchestra leader. It has boosted my confidence, allowed me to learn how to manage difficult (and stressful) situations, develop the ability to thrive independently and communicate efficiently with my fellow musicians and conductors.

My most inspiring experience was definitely collaborating with ANIM at the Alchemy Festival this year. It taught me the power of music, the use of music as a language, and how it is an escape route for the turbulent times in life. Playing alongside musicians who have survived war-torn Afghanistan, and play music to such high standards despite learning for 2-3 years, has led me to dedicating more focus towards my music and understand how gifted I am to be even learning music in London.