Orchestra Mentor: Anil Srinivasan

Anil Srinivasan, credit Pradeep Karanjkar 2011


Anil Srinivasan began working as a lecturer and INDIKA festival performer in2011, and quickly brought his influence to bear on the orchestra. With an education in Western and Indian Classical music, and a unique style of performance, composing and, particularly, music education, Anil brings depth and range of experience into his work with young people.

A world-class concert performer, and pioneering educator in South India, Anil has been invited to speak, teach and perform all over the world, and is well-known for his collaborations in a variety of settings.

Since 2011, Anil has acted as regular mentor to the orchestra members, teaching, conducting and composing music for its members, and working with the team of conductors to further the orchestra’s brand of Indian Orchestral Music.

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