What we do

Samyo was created to provide performance, training and development opportunities for young talented musicians; but now, more than ten years on since its founding, the orchestra does a lot more than that!


  • Annual Showcase (London)
  • Annual Showcase (North West)
  • Festival Appearance at Milapfest’s home venue, The Capstone Theatre, Liverpool
  • Small ensemble appearances by Samyo Too, Choir or Percussion Ensemble

Training & Development for Members

  • Music India Summer School – 8 day residential school
  • Music India Weekend Editions – Autumn, Winter & Easter
  • Performance opportunities
  • Targeted training on skills, improvisation, music leadership, composition and ensemble work
  • Solo, duet or small group performance opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Annual awards
  • Collaborations with other youth orchestras and professionals

Education & Outreach

  • Workshops by Samyo conductors and musicians for festivals, schools and institutions
  • Composition sessions to learn to play like Samyo
  • Training for small groups, individuals and ensembles in Indian music
  • Milapfest’s “Demystifying Indian Music” workshop, to introduce the form
  • Interactive learning and performance sessions for young musicians

Professional Development Opportunities

  • Placements or hands on training for young musicians
  • Assistant Conductor schemes for young musicians
  • Orchestra leadership and teaching roles
  • Cross-cultural collaboration with other musical genres