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Info for new and existing applicants


Ensemble members get an extensive list of benefits and the following skills:

  • Improved confidence through performances, challenging training and interaction with other musicians
  • Better communication skills
  • Understanding of composition in Indian music
  • Improved ability to play in an ensemble and orchestra
  • Improvements in performance skills and concert design
  • Experience of arts management, festivals and orchestra management
  • Leadership opportunities through the Orchestra Leaders’ Programme

Features of Ensemble membership:

  • Train with the world’s best tutors, gurus and composers of Indian Classical Music
  • Perform in top class mainstream venues
  • Practice, perform and learn with other talented young musicians
  • Experience in performance and learning of Hindustani and Carnatic music
  • Opportunities to learn and play other musical genres

Choir members are also eligible for Orchestra Awards, including:

  • Young Musician of the Year
  • Orchestra/Choir Leader
  • Merit Awards

Important Documents

Under 18s Registration Form

Over 18s Registration Form

Bursary Application

Important Dates

Music India 2019 – 27th July  – 4th August (more info)