What is SAMYO?

Samyo is the National Youth Orchestra for Indian Music. Founded in 2002 to give young people the opportunity to perform, learn and develop as individual artists. Our artists are recruited from around the country, and are trained in either Hindustani or Carnatic music. In Samyo, they have an annual programme of weekend events and a week long Summer School, in which they learn new compositions, have intense training, and learn to collaborate, interact and perform better. They also have an awards programme, opportunities to lead, and to develop life skills which help them in their future careers. Our young people come from all backgrounds, and in SAMYO the diversity is our strength, and they learn from each other’s distinctive culture and religions, united by their love of music.


The music we perform is unlike anything you’ve ever heard anywhere else. Indian classical music is improvised, and based on emotions, moods, literature and devotion. We preserve and respect these traditions, but also extend and innovate in them, by writing music which is fresh, original and entertaining, played by an orchestra and choir of up to 35 people. SAMYO Performances are an audio visual treat!

Samyo is open to musicians between the ages of 12 and 18.

Check out this video: What Makes Samyo Special? and find out how you can Join Samyo.





SAMYO at The Southbank Centre (March 2014) 


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