UNDONE – Tarang

Tarang – UNDONE

Tarang takes Indian music into a new direction in ‘Undone’ by stretching the boundaries of innovation. Made by a unique team of producers and musicians, this is an unprecedented album. Inspired by ideas from all around the world, and defined by a new contemporary identity, Tarang’s music is based on strong Indian classical roots. This is the story of a new beginning; new histories are written, old ones, undone.


Akash Parekh | Sitar & Vocals

Bhavana Selvarajah | Violin

Gobi Varatha – Rajan | Percussion

Janarthan Sivarupan | Percussion

Jasprit Kaur Rajbans | Tabla

Jessica Mistry | Flute

Kobini Ananth | Vocals

Mithushan Sivagurunathar | Percussion

Prabhat Rao | Vocals & Harmonium

Raam Jeganathan | Veena

Sanjuran Keerthikumar | Percussion

Srutti Suresan | Vocals & Lapsteel Guitar

Yarlinie Thanabalasingham | Vocals


1) Continuum

2) Anandaloke

3) Take Tarang

4) Silk

5) Tamil Tango

6) Undone

7) La Vita

8) Kolkata Blues

9) Midnight Sun

10) This Moment

11) Yalali


©Released by Milapfest: July 2017