Since there is no existing repertoire of Indian orchestra works, SAMYO, the
National Youth Orchestra for Indian Music, constantly creates, reinvents and
develops its music to help shape the Indian musical environment and respond to
latest trends. In celebrating the 10th year anniversary of SAMYO, the orchestra
looks back at how its music has evolved over the years, and looks forward to how
it might embrace the future.

The album combines the best of North and South Indian Classical music and added
influences from western and folk traditions, and demonstrates how some amazing
contemporary composers are shaping this new genre.

Artistic Director: Alok Nayak
Principal Conductor: Gaurav Mazumdar

Released by Milapfest: 16 March 2013


Arranged for Samyo by Girishh Gopalakrishnan
Inspired by “Ragas in Minor Scale”, Composed by Pt. Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass

In this unique arrangement of Hanz Zimmer and Rodrigo y Gabriella’s composition from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, Samyo attempts a daring escape into the world of western classical and film music. With brass, strings, guitar and woodwind arrangements from the original replaced with sitar, veena, violin and voice arrangements, the composition is turned on its head sonically, but manages to retain the epic grandeur its meant to project. An epic orchestral piece played for the first time with Indian instrumentation.