Beyond Roots

Beyond Roots represents the unique musical identity of Rekesh Chauhan, a British Indian pianist trained in Indian and Western classical music but forever exploring new sound emblems and inspirations to fuse into his music. This album, Rekesh’s first, represents his strong Indian musical identity whilst pushing the boundaries of the classical genre with the piano and the incredible beats of the tabla played by world renowned percussionist Kousic Sen.

Rekesh Chauhan is a versatile multi-instrumentalist with both Indian and Western
classical training. Produced by Ian Percy, recorded by Milapfest in association with Liverpool Hope University, and featuring tabla maestro Kousic Sen, Beyond Roots is a breakthrough album, exploring new territories in contemporary Indian classical music on the Piano.

Artists: Rekesh Chauhan (Piano), Kousic Sen (Tabla)

1. Om
Raag Bageshree – Alap
2. Maze
Raag Bageshree – Vilambit Teentaal
3. Destination
Raag Bageshree – Madhya lhay/Drut Teentaal
4. Beyond Roots
Vaishnava Janato (Bhajan)
5. Daydream
Raag Mishra Pilu (Alap)
6. Mumbai Black Cab
Raag Mishra Pilu (Dadra)
7. Ode to Rama
Payoji Maine (Bhajan)
8. Elements
Based on Raag Bhairavi

Released by Milapfest: 30 May 2015