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Music for the Mind and Soul is a monthly concert series of Indian Classical Music. Here, Music for the Mind and Soul audience member, Frank Glover, reflects on his Indian Music experience.

2012 has nearly played out and I have been reflecting on the live music/performances which I have listened to over the year. The Capstone has been my venue of choice, the Voice of India as I like to call it. It has been a fascinating time to enjoy and come to a better understanding of the cultural and musical origins of that ancient land.
For me, one artist name has become synonymous with Capstone; he has accompanied so many top musicians during the year, he is the highly talented and respected tabla player Kousic Sen.

I have attended several concerts of music and dance but one in particular stands alone, for me it was a sublime and magical moment, it was the performance of the morning  Raga on Bansuri flute by Rakesh Chaurasia, it was a spiritual and moving experience which will be remembered for many years to come.

Anyone of a western musical tradition who hasn’t heard any of these wonderful musicians should take he opportunity to visit the Capstone Theatre for one of the [free] last Saturday in the month matinee performances for a new musical experience which will surprise and delight the eye and the ear. The venue is par excellent, the staff friendly, warm and sincere.

Frank Glover is a regular audience member at Music for the Mind and Soul in Liverpool. Follow Frank on twitter at @bilbofrank

For more information about Music for the Mind and Soul and up-coming concerts click here.

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