Tarang Rediscovered: The beginning

Tarang is Milapfest’s National Ensemble for Indian Music. Since 2003, the ensemble has created new sounds in live performances on tour, recordings and festivals around England. Tarang members are emerging artists, professionals and the next generation of maestros in the making, and it is both an important stepping stone in professional development and, for listeners, a new Indian music experience. From 2015 – 18, the ensemble embarks on a new adventure to redefine the sound of Indian ensemble music. Read more about it here at the Tarang Rediscovered series.

Diary / October 1st

This year, April was officially the start of the relaunch of the Tarang ensemble. Over the years, Milapfest has faced challenges and adventures in the creation and development of the ensemble, with good reason. We create newly arranged or composed music for an ensemble of musicians trained in both Hindustani and Carnatic music. Don’t forget, they come from a solo, improvised tradition, and we don’t have an existing book of standards or repertoire to choose from. Over the years, musicians have had success from the platform, enjoyed the process, and Tarang has performed on tours, attracted world-class tutors and mentors, and has been invited to perform at WOMEX, Buckingham Palace, Bridgewater Hall and Salisbury International Festival, amongst other places. So why relaunch? What do we want to change?

In any team or organisation, the natural evolution of time brings about changes in personnel, interests and motivation. Younger musicians graduate to the ensemble, older ones move on to professional or other careers. In addition to this,


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