Swadesh is now on sale!

The premiere performance of Milapfest’s latest, and most ambitions commission to date, has gone on sale today.

Opening at The Capstone Theatre in Liverpool on Friday 7th of March, Swadesh explores the idea if India as a motherland through the eyes of three brilliant young dancers, Mythili Prakash (Bharatanatyam), Arushi Mudgal (Odissi) and Monisa Nayak (Kathak).

Featuring a cast of seven amazing live musicians lead by vocalist Sawani Mudgal, the score has been specially composed and arranged by Pandit Madhup Mudgal, one of India’s most respected and highly admired musicians.

Take a look at the first Production Diary by Milapfest’s Head of Dance Development, Archana Shastri.

The second performance of Swadesh takes place at Bharatya Vidya Bhavan on Saturday 8th March and tickets can be purchased through the venue.

Featuring in Swadesh:

Dancers and choreography:
Mythili Prakash   Bharatanatyam
Arushi Mudgal   Odissi
Monisa Nayak   Kathak

Pandit Madhup Mudgal   composer

Sawani Mudgal    vocal
R.Prathap   mridangam
Kousic Sen   tabla
Budhanath Swain   pakawaj
Jasdeep Singh Degun   sitar

Swadesh is funded by Arts Council England and curated by Milapfest

For further info and booking options call 0151 291 3949

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