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From Thursday 23rd July, we’re giving you everything you need to enjoy a summer of authentically Indian culture virtually with the Tea India ‘Summer Sessions’.  Outdoor festivals may be cancelled, but we have curated a virtual programme packed with Indian music and performances to form part of Tea India’s “Summer Sessions”.

Tea India’s “Summer Sessions” will also feature authentically Indian cuisine, film, literature and practice (yoga & sound baths).

Get ready to be transported to the exotic and colourful world of India from the comfort of your own home – with your favourite cup of Tea India on hand of course!

Be sure to stay tuned as we’ll be sharing exciting info about a chance to win free sample packs of Tea India’s brand new Ayurvedic range and other Tea India merchandise such as yoga mats!

Tea India will also be offering FREE POSTAGE across the UK for any online orders made through throughout the duration of the Summer Sessions programme!



23rd July 2020 @7pm
Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty & Soumen Sarkar | Sarod & Tabla | Raaga Jhinjhoti

The brilliant Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty (Sarod) and Soumen Sarkar (Tabla) come together to perform an exquisite evening Raag in the Hindustani style of Indian classical music.  Rajeeb, one of India’s finest sarod players, is a versatile musician and composer renowned for the deeply expressive nature of his performances. Trained in both Indian and Western classical music, he travels extensively around the world collaborating and performing across genre and style with ease.

Soumen Sarkar is a highly talented Tabla artists based in Kolkata and has performed extensively across India with many of India’s top Indian classical musicians.

6th August 2020 @7pm:
Debsagar Malik | Santoor & Tabla

Immerse yourself in the beautiful sounds of the Santoor and tabla in this quintessential Indian classical music concert.  Debsagar Malik is a rising star on the Indian classical music scene and in this concert he invites you to relax and unwind with the sounds of his Santoor and Tabla during his evening raaga performance.

20th August 2020 @7pm:
Shakir Khan | Sitar & Tabla

Sitar and tabla come together in a performance that infuses the depth and intricacy of Indian classical tradition with youthful energy and musical innovation. Acclaimed as one of the most sensitive and dynamic classical sitar players of his generation, Shakir Khan represents the legacy of his prodigious father and Guru – Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan.

Following in his father’s musical footsteps, he also stands out for his flawless instrumental technique, astonishing skills and sophisticated sense of rhythm and melodic presentation. In this concert, he will be accompanied by a highly talented and versatile tabla artist to create an electrifying and inspiring experience.

3rd September 2020 @7pm:
Debopriya Adhikary, Samanwaya Sarkar & Indranil Mallick | Hindustani Vocals, Sitar & Tabla

The musical ventures of these artists are related to man and nature, divine and earthly with complete reflection of Indian Classical music with different approaches but preserving the tradition and nuances of ‘Ragas and Talas’.
They are two of the country’s foremost young musicians spreading Indian Classical Music at its best.

2nd August 2020 & 23rd August 2020 @ 6pm
Abhijit Pohankar’s Bollywood Gharana Mehfil

Earthy Fusion of Bollywood Classics, Ghazals & Indian Classical Music.

Featuring Abhijit Pohankar (Harmonium & Vocal), Gandhar Deshpande (Classical Vocal), Avanti Patel (Bollywood Vocal), Akshay Jadhav (Tabla) & Sourabh Joshi (Guitar).

In addition to the above concerts, the Authentically Indian ‘Summer Sessions’ will also include Indian cooking sessions, yoga, DJ sessions and playlists for you to enjoy whenever you like! 




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