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Milapfest are very proud to announce that we will be holding a very special day-long event on June 11th in St George’s Hall as part of the City of Liverpool’s Sgt Pepper at 50 celebration.

Taking inspiration from Within You, Without You from the iconic Sgt Pepper album, Milapfest will rekindle and showcase the amazing creative and spiritual connection with India through an innovative festival of music and culture. Four specially curated concerts will match the changing mood of the day, from 8.30am until 11.30pm, along with a day in the Festival Village with Indian food, arts and crafts.

The Ragafest will feature some of the world’s best Indian artists, who will perform music that suits the time of day, and includes both improvised and composed music inspired by the Beatles. The food, ambience and activities in the festival village will match the mood and lighting of the music in the concert room, so that people who go through the entire festival have a changing, varied and broad Indian music experience. The performances are designed to reflect the two major traditions of Indian music from the North and South, as well as two examples of innovations in Indian classical music inspired by Western classical music, which, in a way, is the reverse of the influence of India on the Beatles.

All concerts have a specially designed Indian meal to accompany them (which is included in the ticket price!).

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