Milapfest National Indian Arts Awards 2015

Recognising talent and achievement in Indian Arts in Britain

In its 30th Anniversary year, Milapfest is delighted to announce a new initiative to recognize and celebrate the remarkable work of British arts professionals who have rendered truly distinguished service for promoting and strengthening the provision of Indian Arts and Education in Britain.

In addition to arts professionals, Milapfest recognizes the importance of supporting the youth of Britain and congratulating their hard work, dedication and passion in the practice, performance and propagation of Indian classical arts in this country.

An unprecedented awards ceremony

South Asians who migrated to England over the past 70 years, have always aspired to ensure that their children, as well as the local communities have good opportunities to learn about their arts and heritage through teaching and performances. Over the decades several dedicated professionals have worked tirelessly for making this possible. Up and down the British Isles there are schools, classes and art organisations working tirelessly for this cause. But while there are numerous ways of recognizing the sterling contribution of people in Business, Finance, Medicine and other professional categories, there has never been any national award that recognizes and celebrates such dedicated work in the Arts.

It is very important that the contribution of such professionals is recognized and honoured. The establishment of these awards will create a better understanding of how such selfless work empowers and enriches the younger generation, and how it helps build bridges between communities and people.

We hope that these Awards will significantly contribute towards providing more focus on the contribution of the Arts professionals working in the field of Indian Arts and provide opportunities for their work to expand in the years ahead.

Here is the list of the distinguished arts professionals and young musicians and dancers who received awards at a special presentation on 8th October evening at the Nehru Centre in London.

Life time Achievement Award for sterling Service to Indian Arts & Education
Dr M N Nandakumara
Executive Director, The Bhavan Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Acharya Ratna (Sangeet) -Distinguished Teacher Award in Music
Mrs Sivasakthi Sivanesan
Distinguished Carnatic Music Guru

Acharya Ratna (Nritya) -Distinguished Teacher Award in Dance
Ms Pushkala Gopal
Distinguished Bharatanatyam Guru

Yuva Nritya Ratna-Young dancer of the Year
Parbati Chaudhary (Kathak)

Yuva Sangeet Ratna-Young Musician of the Year
Yarlinie Thanabalasingham (Carnatic Vocalist)

Tarang Musician of the Year
Jasdeep Singh Degun

Samyo Musician of the Year
Sanjuran Keerthikumar

The Programme Book produced for the award evening can be viewed here.

Supported by The Nehru Centre and Arts Council England

Media Partner – Asian Voice

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