Raam’s Samyo Diary

Samyo Orchestra Leader, Raam Jeganathan, rounds up the events of the previous month and shares his experiences in Samyo. This month he looks forward tothe  next Annual Showcase at the Southbank Centre‘s Queen Elizabeth Hall.on Saturday 28th February.


Where do I begin?! February has been a crazy month for Samyo! It started with many thinking it was impossible, but is close to ending with the same many believing it’s possible!
On the 1st, we formally began our concert repertoire. We had the pleasure of Rajeebji leading our rehearsals and working on his compositions which we will be presenting this Saturday. After an interesting morning session, where the orchestra and Rajeebji got to know everyone musically through solos, we started with a popular tune which will be revealed at our concert. Following that we were introduced to the comical yet mysterious titles of our piece, highlighting the theme of our concert. The day ended with the percussion section working on their new piece and with the eccentric fusion of sounds, it was sounding like a treat in store. I left that day rather unsure. there were still 27 days left, and to predict anything would have been way too early!
Nevertheless over the next 2 weeks, we began formulating a structure to the new pieces and got familiar to Rajeebji’s new style. It was very different considering how Anilji and Ranajitji had conducted rehearsals and written music, but it was certainly as much enjoyable. We practised the other pieces in our repertoire, and frankly it was not the sound I had wanted, but there was nothing we could do. After these 2 nervy rehearsals, where many of the members started to feel the pressure, I left feeling positive despite knowing as some had said, 2 rehearsals left to arguably pull off “a miracle.”
The final weekend was the deal breaker. My first year as a leader had taught me a lot about how to deal with members, positivity and the circumstances, and it was of massive value for me to able to apply it this past month! We took a massive dare and learnt some new material for the concert on Saturday and despite some initial concerns, by the end of Saturday, things were looking bright. We just needed an excellent Sunday and everything would be pretty much there! And as hoped, Sunday went according to plan with the pieces sounding close to what I expect as leader. Everyone was feeling positive and the photographs taken by our unofficial photographer, Mithushan (Carnatic Percussion Joint Leader), added a good feel to the rehearsal atmosphere. I certainly left on Sunday unable to wait for the concert.
The past month has made me realise a lot how much Samyo members value each other. I have begun to refer to the orchestra as my family and the positivity and bubbly attitude especially amongst the younger ones shows. I honestly can’t wait for Saturday, not just because of the concert, but also because I can’t wait to show the pride and honour I feel in sharing the stage with these wonderful young musicians who have given me the musical family I never had.
You wouldn’t want to miss us at all. Remember, the world’s only National Indian Classical Youth Music Orchestra takes to the stage at 7:30pm this Saturday at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre. Be there.

Raam Jeganathan
Orchestra Leader, Samyo

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