Raam’s Samyo Diary, Jan 2014

Each month, Samyo Orchestra Leader, Raam Jeganathan, rounds up the events of the previous month and shares his experiences in Samyo. This month he reviews the meetings and rehearsals that have taken place over December 13/January 14.

Happy New Year! On behalf of Samyo, I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful 2014.

Meanwhile on the musical front, the orchestra ended 2013 and began 2014 very strongly, showing very encouraging signs of a successful concert (I hope!) in March at the QEH. 

In December, Samyo held its first ever Parents-Members meeting at Patidar House. Following a light breakfast, collectively we gathered around sharing our thoughts on Samyo. As one of the leaders, I spoke of how Samyo had fuelled my passion for music and how I had benefited massively. It was also nice to have the parents say how they were extremely pleased with the progress the children were making as members of Europe’s only national youth orchestra for Indian music. It was very nice to hear how the Conductors and team from Milapfest enjoy working with us, not only a cheerful point but also a huge huge privilege for us. After a normal day of rehearsals we left on a high having practised a song which we will perform in March.

Veen and percussion section at Samyo rehearsal Jan 2014

2014 started in style for the orchestra at our new venue in Harrow; the Jaspar Centre. It is a wonderful venue with first class facilities and we all enjoyed our first rehearsal there. Our first reunion was led by Bangalore Prathapji and Kousicji. We began reviewing some if our pieces which we were preparing for our concert, followed by a practise of some old pieces which might be performed in March.  Overall it was a very productive rehearsal and I can confidently say the preparation over the next few weeks (hopefully) looks smooth!

February sees the orchestra undertake intensive preparations for or concert with a few surprises included. I look forward to sharing news on that soon. Till then bye!

Raam Jeganathan
Samyo, Orchestra Leader

Samyo are recruiting in March 2014. Click here for audition dates, entry requirements and application pack.

Samyo perform at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre on Saturday 22nd March 2014. Find out more and book on-line.

For further information and questions about Samyo please contact info@milapfest.com or call 0151 291 3649

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