Our musical lives: #Samyo11

This Saturday, the culmination of months of preparation will be Samyo’s 11th annual showcase concert, at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. In a series of preview articles and behind-the-scenes stories, we tell you more about the people, music and ambitions of Samyo, the National Youth Orchestra for Indian Music. In Part 1 of 5, find out about the concept behind the production.

Music shapes every aspect of our lives, from our earliest memories, to our most momentous occasions in life. In Samyo’s upcoming concert, we want to tell you just how important music is to us, and where it makes beautiful appearances in our lives!

The concert begins with a celebration of Samyo’s new beginning, starting it’s 2nd decade as a National Youth Orchestra. From our earliest memories of a lullaby to the first time we learn music and dance, we grow as students and fans of music, learning about the great maestros of world music. Inspired by brilliant compositions and creative genius, we try to create, learn and reach greater heights. Music is always linked with nature, the environment and weather, in Indian music in particular; Samyo helps us to capture the mood that we feel in rain and sunshine.

Our orchestra and its musicians are inextricably linked to Liverpool, the home of Milapfest, with its great musical heritage, and on Saturday, in the new composition Melody on the Mersey we present a nostalgic tune dedicated to memorable times in the city. Our greatest dreams are portrayed in films, imagining ourselves as heroes and characters in the greatest stories of the world. The music of Hollywood and Bollywood are sources of inspiration for all musicians, and we pay tribute to the best composers of our time.

Samyo’s musicians and composers dedicate their lives to music, and as we begin the next part of the orchestra’s journey, our showcase concert will tell the story of how we are drawn in and captured by the world’s simplest and greatest musical creations. We’re looking forward to sharing it with you!

Without music, life would be a mistake.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Alok Nayak, Creative Producer

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