Orchestras Spring Training Retreat


It’s the annual spring training retreat for Samyo and Tarang this weekend.

The orchestras will be working with Orchestra Conductor Gaurav Mazumdar and Percussion Conductor Kousic Sen,  as well as guest tutors Anil Srinivasan and Rakesh Chaurasia for technique and skills development over two days. The members also break out into groups for intensive specialised training in Hindustani Music Ragas & Techniques, Collaborating in Indian Music and Rhythm, Mathematics & Patterns.  Tarang also work with Girishh Gopalakrishnan, a young composer and music producer.

This year, Samyo will also have a session with composer Fraser Trainer, who will be working with the orchestra on team building, orchestration, building compositions and exploring individual creativity. Fraser has been running innovative, creative, practical composition projects for professionals and non-professionals alike. This aspect of his work complements and feeds off his composing and performing and has lead to his work being in high demand across the world from Sweden to Argentina and Australia. We look forward to working with him!

For more information about Samyo and Tarang and how you can get involved visit www.milapfest.com/samyo and www.milapfest.com/tarang respectively.

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