New Art School Courses

This Autumn we are bringing you a variety of new Indian music and dance classes! The 10 week Arts School training programme is underway in October 2020, online, for Bharatnatyam, Vocal, Tabla, Veena and Kathak.

Sugam Sangeet – Indian Singalong
Starting 16th October for 6 weeks

Learn Indian music through devotional, folk and film songs. This will be a short course with Dr Vijay Rajput, and will teach the basics of singing, with participation a singalong of some of the most popular songs from the Indian subcontinent!

6 week course starts October 16th via Microsoft Teams
For further information, please email Vijay here.

To register, please fill in this form


Indian folk dancing with Sheetal Maru

Starting on the 15th October for 6 weeks

Learn and perform some of the most enjoyable folk dance forms of India, with Milap’s artist in residence, Sheetal Maru. You’ll get to learn choreography and performance and the cultural background of our dance forms, just in time for the festival season! It also includes movements to help with fitness and movement, and is suitable for all ages and abilities. For Under 18s these sessions will be a cultural experience, to help them learn about the folk dances and their context.  Our over 18’s classes are focused on the movements, techniques and fitness.

6 week course starts October 15th via Microsoft Teams
For more information, please email Sheetal here.

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