Levels of Study

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Beginners – A New Process

This level is for those who have a minimum of three to five years of dance experience for their chosen style.This level of study explores the process of creating dance using body and space, in addition to articulating and finding a range of qualities in movement by looking at different levels of tension and effort. The course will also focus on refining technique and developing performance skills, through a taught choreographed dance piece.

Intermediate – Create and Rediscover
This level is suitable for dancers with a minimum of five to seven years of experience in their chosen style.
The intermediate programme will focus on the dynamic use of space, in addition to articulating and finding a range of qualities in movement. The programme will also look at refining technique and developing performance skills. Dancers will be required to move at a faster pace and will be expected to have a high level of fitness and the desire and willingness to explore and discover new depths in their dance.

Advanced – New Directions & Choreographic approach
This level of training requires a minimum of ten years experience and a high level of fitness for this physically demanding programme.
Advanced level explores the unique performance skills and choreographic approaches of Dance India’s tutors through a taught piece or by investigating repertoire. Dancers will explore quality of movement, rhythm and dynamics, and levels and direction in space. A strong emphasis will be placed on strengthening technique, performance skills and enhancing repertoire.

Upon receipt of your application to the school, the Dance India faculty will assess your performance experience and training history in order to place you in the most suitable course of study, from which you will benefit the most. Please note that while you may apply for the level of study appropriate to your experience, the Dance India faculty retain the final decision in this process.

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