Instruments INDIA – Listen & Learn!

Instruments INDIA – Listen and learn!

Dr Manuella Blackburn’s sound recordings of 26 Indian musical instruments now feature as an integral part of the Instruments INDIA project, inviting young learners, concertgoers and general public to get up close to the beautiful sounds and music of India.


Using high quality sound equipment, recording work with a wide range of musicians took place in both India and the UK throughout 2012-2013 where Dr Blackburn worked with Milapfest’s musicians to capture the best sounds and playing styles on offer.


A wide range of instruments were sourced, including well known, Milapfest favourites: Sitar, Tabla and Mridangam. Some folk and devotional instruments also feature on the website, including udukkai and shanka, which show the great the variety of musical instruments originating from India.

Listening to these sounds will open your ear to new instruments, playing styles, rhythms and sonorities, so come along and explore this resource with us!

The Instruments INDIA website officially launches on Saturday, September 28th 2013!

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