Instruments India is coming soon!

Instruments India is Milapfest’s latest initiative to bring audiences closer to the music and instruments of Indian classical music. This new web resource will guide you through the sounds, music and history of each instrument seen on stage at Milapfest concerts across the UK.


Have you ever wanted to find out more about the sitar, tabla, sarod or mrindangam? How about learning more about lesser-known instruments like the swarmandal or dilruba? Have you been curious about what the small electronic box is on stage known as the e-tanpura is, or why the Indian violin is held differently to the Western violin? Well, the wait is nearly over to finding out more about the instruments of India!


Instruments India is a freely accessible resource and product of a unique partnership between Liverpool Hope and Milapfest. Dr Manuella Blackburn, Head of Research for Instruments India, has collaborated with around 25 Milapfest musicians to showcase the sounds, and recordings of these instruments as part of an AHRC funded research project into the cultural significance of Indian classical music instruments. Instruments India is the first of its kind to provide a concertgoer’s guide and educational tool for engaging and encouraging new and existing audiences to find out more about the beautiful sound of Indian music.

We look forward to unveiling more soon!

Read more about Dr Manuella Blackburn’s research and the collaboration with Milapfest on her blog.

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