Inside Dance India – The Odissi Faculty

Today in our series of blogs celebrating the 2014 Dance India faculty, we’ll be introducing the Odissi tutor, Madhavi Mudgal.

Madhavi Mudgal – Advanced Class

Madhavi Mudgal epitomises the elegance and sophistication of the Odissi dance form. She is widely acclaimed worldwide for her deep insight into the art of choreography and her commitment to train and encourage new dancers to finer nuances of Odissi. Madhavi’s command over the nritta or purely ornamental aspect of Odissi is also striking. Her delicate postures and strong rhythmic footwork combine in an appealing flow of sculpturesque movements. Her subtle abhinaya, musical knowledge and aesthetic sense add to the highly distinctive character of her performances.

Here’s a clip of what Madhavi had to say after Dance India 2010:

Madhavi also performed that year:

Find out more about Dance Indiathe faculty and how to register as a participant.

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