Have you heard? Jan, 2014

Each month, Samyo Orchestra Leader, Raam Jeganathan, shares his inspirations and  recommends some of his favourite artists and music.

December is the month of music in India mainly in the South but in the North as well. Across the entire month until the start of January, artists take the stage at numerous venues performing solos, Jugalbandhis or giving lectures. Our very own Gauravji was in Chennai, performing a Jugalbandhi with the famous Veena artist Nirmala Rajahekhar at the prestigious Chennayil Thirivayaru.

This time I am sharing a concert of Music India tutor Nisha Rajagopal who came to Liverpool last summer, preparing our vocal choir whilst delivering an amazing performance on the second evening (featured below).  Here is her concert at the world famous Marghazi Maha Utsavam; a festival of Carnatic Music in Chennai where only the top artists perform. I hope you enjoy it!

Raam Jeganathan
Samyo, Orchestra Leader

Margazhi Maha Utsavam featuring Nisha Rajagopal
Nisha Rajagopal performing at Indika festival in Liverpool, July 2013

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