GBG Ensemble Profile: Gaurav Mazumdar & Samyo Too

Gaurav Mazumdar leads Samyo Too, an ensemble of highly talented young musicians from Samyo, the National Youth Orchestra for Indian Music, at The Great British Gharana (GBG). We asked Gaurav a few questions about British Indian Music and the ensemble:

British Indian Music  is a growing genre which is gaining great support and interest in the UK, what do you think makes the genre special?

It is special because of the support it gets & quality of it. It gets the best musicians to put in the effort, knowledge and talent and then has the infrastructural facilities to nurture the same and grow.

When we describe British Indian Music, what do you think makes it British? 

The very fact that it’s persued & practised by people born and raised in Britain makes it British. I describe British Indian Music as unique and coming across with fresh energy & ideas. Basically it’s the same music packaged & presented differently.

As a musician teaching and performing Indian music in the UK, what has influenced you, and how can this be seen in your own practice?

Well, the number one factor which has influenced my teaching & performing in the U.K. is the warm response I get from my audience and students. They are open and full of love and this makes my experience rich and fulfilling.

Why is it important to celebrate British Indian Music? 

Because I think British Indian Music has come a long way, from just being a beginner to today being serious practitioners, it’s been a long journey and it certainly needs showcasing & celebrating.

What excites you about the Great British Gharana event?

The name itself speaks volumes and gives me a high. It’s been 20 years since I have been working in Britain and all of a sudden I realise that it’s working and get to see the results. My God!!!

How many years have you and/or your ensemble been teaching / performing Indian music in the UK?

I have been teaching & performing for the past 20yrs and Samyo for the past 10yrs.

How would you describe your style of Music?

My style of music is something which is pure yet innovative and has been inspired by all  cultures of the world. The core or the base is very Indian and classical, yet it’s very global & contemporary.

What instruments appear in your group / ensemble?

In my ensemble, Samyo Too, we have Sitar, Violin, Veena, Flute, Voices, Tabla, Mridangam, Morsing, and Khanjira. Sometimes we do include members playing Cello, Saxophone & other western instruments.

The Great British Gharana event will take place on Friday 23rd November 2012 at the Southbank Centre, London.  For tickets and more information please click here

For more information about Gaurav Mazumdar please visit his website here. And for Samyo Too, here.

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