Ensemble Announcements 2016

As part of our Music India Summer School, we announced the new ensemble leaders for 2016-17 and award winners. Here is a list of the recipients:


Award Winners

SAMYO & Sabrang Musician of the Year

Aditi Subramanian


SAMYO Merit Awards

Anita Adiga

Aditya Adiga

Vishal Anbu


Tarang Musician of the Year

Jasprit Kaur Rajbans


Tarang Merit Awards

Mithushan Sivagurunathar

Srutti Suresan


2016-17 Ensemble Leaders

Samyo Orchestra Leader 2016-17

Sindhu Prathapan

Samyo Deputy Orchestra Leader 2016-17

Haran Jeyendran


Sabrang Choir Leader 2016-17

Ashnaa Sasikaran

Sabrang Deputy Choir Leader 2016-17

Aditi Subramanian

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