The Final Piece by Dilusionall


We are blown away by the art work Dilusionall has created for our 2015 spring/summer season. Here she speaks about the process and over coming her fears in the creative process.

This project really pushed me out of my comfort zone, especially with the colour element.
Using colour truly scared me for many reasons…”What paints should I use?”, “Which colours would go best?”, “What if I make a mistake and can’t erase it?”, “What will people think?”.

… And because one of Milapfest’s requirements was for me to incorporate the colour of their brand, magenta, it really helped me overcome some of my fears and mental blocks that I was creating for myself.

I tired to show as much as I could within this piece that I felt would represent what Milapfest do best, which is “Uniting Hearts through Arts”, but the one main element I wanted to share with you were the two magenta, yellow tipped, hands in the middle.

This hand gesture (mudra) is used within various different South Asian dance forms, some of which are Kathak, Odissi , Bharatanatyam and many more. This mudra is called “Kataka-Mukha” which is used to represent many things – one of which is a “bird” or “swan”. I chose this particular one as Milapfests logo is an elegant, magenta swan and felt that this mudra best captured the essence of the logo of the swan as it is the most graceful out of the various “bird” like hand gestures within Bharatanatyam.

Last but not least, I’d like to say thanks to Milapfest for this experience and to all of you who have encouraged me. Lets hope that with all your love and encouragement that our art continues to grow.

Dirani Kaur

Find out more about Dilusionall here

The work in progress:

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