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Following on from Friday’s article, today it’s the turn of our Sangeet Ratna candidates to share why they believe celebrating the classical arts of India is important.

p10Rishii Chowdhuri   tabla

Indian classical arts are part of our heritage, and by celebrating we are creating a legacy for the next generation of musicians. We as young Indian classical musicians are ambassadors for this art form and we must keep championing it at any opportunity we get, otherwise it will slowly disintegrate. I feel very fortunate and blessed that being born in England I am still able to keep in touch with my culture and heritage through Indian music. I have also found that there are many benefits of participating in Indian classical arts such as discipline, channelling creativity, relaxation, spirituality, respect and etiquette. These aspects need to be highlighted to gain greater participation.


2012-02-19 16.28.38Nilanjana De   Hindustani vocal

India’s rich heritage of classical art and culture reigns supreme. More and more people are now getting attracted to it and want to know deeper. It is therefore essential to celebrate the classical arts of India, particularly in the area of music and dance.



AngiraAngira Kotal    Hindustani vocal

All the classical art forms of India viz. music, dance, literature has immensely contributed to the world culture and are one of the pillars of arts and culture throughout the world.  This has been proven in the last 4000 years. Our culture (classical) and heritage instils in every mind peace, love and reverence. Hindustani Classical Music is the oldest art form, it is born from the “Samveda”, one of the four Vedas and carries with it the cultural heritage of the oldest days in the world. The great masters of Hindustani Classical art form have left behind a rich tradition and a mesmerizing world of music, dance, and literature. I feel it is our responsibility to try to understand their genius and be proactive to keep this tradition going for ever.


Praveen Prathapan & Janan Sathiendran 029Praveen Prathapan  Carnatic flute

As an Indian, I feel like music is a way to celebrate my own heritage. I also feel enjoyment in spreading the beautiful music of India to those who may not have otherwise had the privilege of listening to it.



DSC_0011 (1)Pujenthan Sivagurunathan  Kanjira

Classical arts are a part of my culture, and wherever I may live my ethnicity and cultural beliefs and traditions will not change, so I think its incredibly important to celebrate the classical arts of our heritage as it defines who we are.



537725_136233106532576_2140986084_nMadhu Tanjorkar   Hindustani & Carnatic violin

Indian classical music has its roots in the Sama Veda, which describes this great art form in much detail. Indian music is both expressive and elaborative and is an art form that has been flourishing for thousands of years helped along by exceptionally gifted musicians throughout history. I would consider myself extremely lucky and fortunate if I get to be a part of this magnificent art form. In this day and age where distance is shrinking with increasing number of global citizens, as an Indian musician living in the western society I believe it is one of my utmost responsibilities and duty to spread this art form. I think this is essential so that the heritage of Indian music continues to flourish amongst the generations to come. Last but not the least, Indian classical music has been, is and will play a massive role in my life and celebrating something that has made me what I am today is inconceivable to me. Music has made me what I am today.

The Sangeet Ratna competition performance to find the first Young Musician of the Year takes place on Tuesday 30 July at The Capstone Theatre as part of Indika festival. More information about the awards is available here, and a link to the event page can be found here. 

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