Celebrating 10 years of Sonia Sabri Dance Company

Sonia Sabri Company’s new production, Kaavish, premieres at the Capstone Theatre in Liverpool on Saturday 17 November.

The show celebrates Sonia Sabri Company’s achievements over the last 10 years, featuring a selection of past works and one brand new piece, commissioned by Milapfest to mark the company’s 10 year anniversary. To find out more about the show, Dance Development Manager, Archana Shastri asked Sonia a few questions:

Can you explain the meaning of the word Kaavish?

Kaavish means to achieve one’s desire through action.

The second half of the show features a new collaboration with Ash Mukerjee, commissioned by Milapfest to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Can you tell us a little bit more about the piece?

We are creating a piece together of around 25 – 35minutes. It’s a narrative which was initially stimulated by Woody Allen’s ‘Death Knocks’, a one-act play he wrote in 1968. The play, which was part of Woody’s famous stand-up routine, featured two characters, a grumpy old guy called Nat, and Death; it’s really a monologue about our fear of dying, but it’s also extremely funny! The dance languages of Kathak and Bharatanatyam work in dialogue and are based on opposites: dark and light, negative and positive, etc. We’ll be dancing together for the duration of the piece.

Is there anything in particular our audiences can look forward to in Kaavish?

Audiences will see three live excerpts of past productions and a film with a voice-over showing excerpts from previous productions, processes, collaborations and footage not otherwise made public i.e. rehearsals. The second half is a new collaborative piece with Ash and live music with artists from Indian and Jazz/Blues disciplines.

What makes Kaavish different and special from other productions done by yourself and the Sonia Sabri Company?  

Kaavish is really a celebration of SSCo’s past and current works, and its position within the UK’s mainstream dance sector. The show is like a punch line to the end of a chapter of a bestselling novel with the next chapter to follow -like a book you just can’t put down!

What sort of music can audiences look forward to hearing in Kaavish? `

The music throughout Kaavish will be varied and dynamic. It will be all live music, except for one piece. The music will be Dhrupad based, with Folk, Jazz and Blues influences. The presentation will be that of a truly British Asian aesthetic. Live music will be performed by Sarvar Sabri, the company’s Musical Director, along with fellow musicians.

There is a film element in the show; can you tell me what role the film plays in the production?

This will be more informative. The audience will find it intriguing to hear why we chose to work with certain artists, what I am trying to do through Kathak, and how music is a major influence that has become a major part of the SSCo ethos.

Anything else you think audiences would be interested to know?

SSCo focuses on delivering the highest quality of work. This will be a show demonstrating just this through the dance, music and the artists. Kaavish will also feature Sarvar’s and my apprentices who now tour and work with the company delivering performances and education work. They have either previously trained, or are currently training with us here in the UK.  This will be a great example for aspiring students of music and dance that one can teach/train in this country and develop as quality artists.

 To book your tickets to Kaavish on 17 November 2012 follow this link

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