Being in Samyo

We asked some of our Samyo members to tell us what being a member of Samyo means to them, and how being the orchestra has impacted on their development as musicians and artistes. Here, Orchestra Leader, Raam, tells us what how Samyo has changed his life.


Sitting here right now feels like a living dream. This time 2 years ago, I never would have imagined everything Samyo has given me. Following my teachers permanent departure from London, I started training under a veena teacher based in Chennai. Despite being the best teacher, for my musical hunger, this wasn’t enough. I used to sit at home, for hours on end watch old concerts of Lalgudi Jayaraman, Flute Shashank, Patri Satish Kumar and of course my idol Jayanthi Kumaresh. I felt it was a privilege being able to watch their concerts on-line.

Fast forward a few years and I have met and am very close to artists of such calibre if not greater. Being able to live for a week and learn from the likes of Lalgudi Krishnan is nothing short of a miracle in my eyes, and the experience we as musicians live through at Music India is indescribable.

I am today able to live the musical aspirations I once felt were impossible. Moreover, the opportunity of making amazing friends, practising with those of far better talent than yourself, and being able to have the chance to master the the skills of concentration, patience and teamwork through working with orchestra is an invaluable asset which cannot be found no matter where you try.

These skills have significantly aided my progress in school as well as my self confidence, something which proves to be priceless in the real world. I am sure when I enter the competitive world, the skills I have acquired from training with Samyo will give me a huge advantage.

Samyo is now recruiting. For further information and applications please click here or contact or call 0151 291 3649.

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