Arts School & Music for the Mind and Soul – One place one time

When two exciting events happen at the same venue, at the same time, the atmosphere becomes charged with the enjoyment of those present, and that’s exactly what happened when Arts School and Music for the Mind Soul – featuring Joydeep Ghosh and Kousic Sen; took place at The Capstone Theatre last Saturday.

Milapfest staff member and Arts School Manager Chethana, shares her story of how the day unfolded…

It started off very quiet on a bright sunny Saturday morning; Kousic Sen arrived to begin  his tabla classes at 10 am. It wasn’t long before the entire building echoed with rhythmic sounds of the tabla.  This was soon followed by the beginning of the Kathak and Bharatanatyam classes on either side of the reception. One end of the reception recited tha-ki-ta, tha-ki-ta, with the other end reciting tha-tai!  Surrounding all of this were the beats of the tabla, which together created a strong feeling of excitement and creativity.

Parents waiting for their kids were enthralled by sounds of music and dance coming from all corners of the building. As guests started to arrive for Music for the Mind and Soul the atmosphere continued to build as they gathered for the concert, eating delicious curry and drinking lassi while catching up with friends and fellow audience members.

Both the parents and the guests were excited about the upcoming concert. The guests were amused by some of the Arts School students running between classes with bells on their ankles, and small children carrying instruments often seemingly twice their height and weight!

I think it kind of reassured the parents that these students who were running around could be performing at the theatre one day and they would have definitely felt their Saturday couldn’t have been spent any better. I’m sure the MFMS guests noticed how Indian Music and Dance training starts at a very young age and appreciated how much commitment it takes from both student and parent.

For Milapfest, it couldn’t have been a better start for the autumn season. Bless the couple who had their wedding at the Cornerstone, which resulted in the Arts School relocating to The Capstone Building this week.

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