Applications for Milapfest Ensembles are OPEN!

We are really pleased to announce that we are recruiting new members for our ensembles. We off several platforms and training programmes for musicians and singers, aged 12-35 years.

SAMYO is for students of Indian Music aged 12-18.  If you are an instrumentalist and have been trained in either Hindustani or Carnatic music and meet these criteria, then apply for Samyo

SABRANG is for singers trained in Indian Music aged between 14-25.  If you are a singer of either Hindustani or Carnatic music then apply for Sabrang.

Instrumentalists over the age of 18 will be considered for one of Milapfest’s three ensembles, based on your audition and training with us.

SAMYO MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME: (19 and over) Young adults have the opportunity to take on trainee apprenticeship roles in Orchestra leadership, in Management, Leadership/Conducting, Communication , Educaton, Recruitment and Promotion.

TARANG TRAINEES:  (18-25) For young musicians who would like to train, perform and develop at an advanced level and progress from SAMYO to TARANG, this ensemble offers opportunities to perform and learn with all of Milapfest’s ensembles.

TARANG (18-35) For young musicians exploring a career in Indian music, TARANG offers unparalleled performance opportunities, advanced professional development, and touring, festival and training programmes to progress.

For SAMYO visit here.

For SABRANG visit here.

For TARANG and 18+ Musicians visit here.

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