Announcing Pandit Ranajit Sengupta as Music India tutor

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Pandit Ranajit Sengupta Samyo Composer, Hindustani Music Retreat tutor

Pandit Ranajit Sengupta is one of the finest sarod players and contemporary composers of India. Having toured the globe for the last 18 years, he occupies a very respectable place in the hearts of the followers of Indian music and string instruments throughout the world.

At Music India, Ranajit will teach on the Hindustani Music Retreat, offering his expertise in composition, performance and technique. He will also be training Samyo and composing new music for the orchestra.

Ranajit`s musical passion began with Mandolin and performed for Air at the age of six. His first record on Light Instrumental Music (mandolin) released by INRECO (Hindusthan Records) in 1979. In 1987, Ranajit switched over to sarod (string instrument) under the tutelage of Late Ustad Dhyanesh Khan, followed by advanced training under Sarode maestro Ustad Aashish Khan. Ranajit has also composed & performed with Big Band Orchestra in Hamburg in 2006, where 25 Musicians performed on stage.

Ranajit has obtained his Graduation & Master`s degree in Music from Rabirdra Bharati University, Kolkata.  Since 1994, Ranajit has been touring extensively in the United States, Canada, Latin America and various European Countries too. He is well-known as a composer, and extensive collaborator, famous for his fusion bands Kyabaat and Anouraag.

Listen to Ranajit HERE

For more information about Pandit Ranajit Sengupta, please visit his website

To book your place at Music India 2012 or for further info, please contact Education and Development Manager, Shyla Layshminarayana

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