Announcing Deepthi Omchery Bhalla as Music India Vocal Tutor

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Deepthi Omchery Bhalla is a multi-talented artist, accomplished in both music and dance. Her musical influences began with her mother, Carnatic vocalist, Dr. Leela Omchery Bhalla, and developed with the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, University of Delhi where she obtained her M.A; M.Phil, and Ph.D in Carnatic music.

Also proficient in Hindustani music, Deepthi has a great understanding of Indian musical traditions, and a deep respect for her art.

Deepthi will teach vocal skills, technique and repertoire to members of The National Youth Orchestra for Indian Music, Samyo.

For more information about Deppti Omchery Bhalla, please visit her website

To apply for Music India or to register your interest, please contact Education Manager Shyla Lakshminarayana at or call 0151 291 3949

Download a Music India application form at

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