Abhilasha by Tarang Leader Raaheel Hussain


Tarang Leader Raaheel Hussain (far left) tells us about Tarang’s upcoming tour and what we can expect from them in the future.

After an inspiring and equally exhausting week of intense composing sessions, rehearsals, concerts and a fair few late nights at Music India, Tarang members have had a nice relaxing break! For those of you who are unaware what I am talking about, Between us, members have been going on holidays travelling the world, getting back to the office or preparing for further studies. However, now is time to get back to business and we have our first rehearsal since the retreat this Sunday. Hopefully no one will have to wipe the dust off their instruments, but I’m sure everyone will be glad to be getting back into regular practising with our big Abhilasa tour coming up!


This year we have decided to take a slightly different approach to our music. With most of the members, even the newer ones, having performed a number of times with Tarang now, we have decided to take a focus on our stage presentation. In some ways, you could say that we came to the realisation that the way we project ourselves on stage is perhaps equally as important as the music itself, in particular if we are to branch out to wider audiences. The more we have performed together, the more comfortable we have grown to become as a collective. Baring that in mind, we have come up with a set list of extremely varied pieces. On our Abhilasa tour you will be hearing music ranging from sitar duets, to percussion solos and even some full on orchestral pieces (with a twist!). In the run up to the tour we are working on lighting ideas and considering new ways of presenting and explaining our pieces to fully convey what the pieces mean to us, but also to put the listener in a position to fully appreciate the nuances of the piece and the style of music. We are working extremely hard to put on our best show yet and sincerely look forward to welcoming you to one of concerts in either Liverpool, Manchester or London! Wish us luck!

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Image credit: Pradeep Karanjkar for K.Kreatives.

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