A new era at Dance India UK

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Last week we unveiled the exciting new faculty for the 2014 Europe edition of Dance India, along with news of the new course structure we’ll be applying to this year’s school.

Those of you who have been to Dance India before will know that the intense focused environment created at the school is a truly unique opportunity to hone your skills with some of the best dancers and teachers of Indian dance in the world. This year, we really want to capture that opportunity by focusing on the technical delivery of dance by giving the tutors the time to correct, refine and perfect each students technique.

We’re motivated to do this by many factors, and at the core of this is our goal to ensure that the quality of performance and teaching in the West is considered equal and respected as highly as that in India.

We believe that the technical and creative skills of the teacher are the most valuable asset they have to share and this is what we’re able to offer at Dance India 2014. Students will have the one-to-one mentoring and guidance needed to perfect and refine their dance practice, and this will be supported by theoretical and practical training in accord with the appropriate level of training for each participant.

What we hope to offer is an unparalleled holistic learning experience which places focus on the individual and allows each student to take away skills and experience that will inform and enhance their practice on a fundamental level.

This exciting new way of approaching dance training is an incredible opportunity, and we hope to be welcoming many of you to join the experience this summer.

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