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bharatanatyam-advanced-31Dance India offers participants the opportunity to learn, express, and fully immerse themselves in dance. Whatever the style, we’re all brought together by our love of Indian dance and our appreciation of the effect it has on our lives.

Each day at Dance India, skills are strengthened, refined, and honed in an intense yet nurturing environment that provides the tools and support to push participants limits and dance to the next level.

Each class also learns a new piece of repertoire during the week, and participants aren’t only given the movements and technique, but also the music! At the end of Dance India participants receive a CD copy of the piece of music to take home.


Each day at Dance India is different, but to give you an idea of what to expect here’s an example:

8:30 am – Yoga warm-up
Each morning all participants warm up with a half hour yoga session.

9:00 am – Break

9:15 am – Strengthening and refining technique
Improving technique is a key focus at Dance India. The tutors help participants to build on their abilities and challenge them to push their boundaries.

11:30am – Q&A session with tutor
Throughout the week there are opportunities to speak to the tutors and ask for their expert advise in relation to personal goals.

12:00am – Lunch

2:00 pm – Repertoire work
Each class will be taught a new piece of repertoire during the week and given the piece of music to take home.

4:00 pm – Break

4:30 pm – Lecture Demonstration e.g. Performing to Live Music
Learning the theory and practicalities behind a dance form and the technicalities of becoming a performer are focused on in these daily lecture demonstration sessions. Led by the tutors and guest speakers, the sessions are designed to open up and enhance participants understanding of dance performance, choreography, and music.

6:00 pm – Dinner

7:30 pm – Indika Performance
Every evening participants and public watch inspiring performances by the tutors of Dance India and Music India. A rare opportunity to watch some of the world’s leading artistes perform side by side, the programme is designed to demonstrate the vast wealth and diversity of Indian music and dance.

9:00 pm – End of day

Learn more about Dance India, the tutors and the application process or just get in touch on phone or by e-mail. Your Dance India contact is Chethana Siddappa call her on 0151 291 3949 or e-mail chethana@milapfest.com

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