Music India is a unique International Summer School, with a new structured approach to Indian music education, giving you the chance to enjoy an unforgettable few days immersed in Indian music, while exploring, learning and creating.

Course Programme

  1. Instrumental and performance training
  2. Composition & Orchestra Training
  3. Lecture sessions and workshops
  4. Indika performances

Benefits of Music India

  1. Opportunities for collaboration with Dance India participants,
  2. Practical hands on experience of demonstration through workshops and concerts
  3. The chance to develop personal composition and performance ideas.

Samyo Course:

  1. Individual and small group training
  2. Orchestral, accompaniment and ensemble skills
  3. Focus on performance training, practice and knowledge
  4. New compositions for concert performances

 Unique to the Tarang Course:

  1. Ensemble and intensive training
  2. Individual training on improvisation, performance and instrumental skills
  3. Ensemble and accompaniment skills
  4. Preparation and compositions for Tarang tour performances